Friday, November 18, 2011

Dinos and Concoctions

Tomorrow we'll be heading back to God's Country (aka, TEXAS) for a week and I'm sure there will be much to post about regarding that, so before all that goes down, I figured I'd give a run down of the last couple months. Enjoy some of what's been happening via pictures:

I made a green smoothie that was delicious.

I had mucho pills to take in one night that made a nice smiley face.

Husband came home and now we get to go to the temple together again! (Sometimes we like to be gay and match)

We went to a pretty cool restaurant where they have divers that perform during dinner. And we got yelled at by a self-centered-embarrassed-to-breast-feed-in-public-crazy woman.

We got a pet dinosaur named Sid. He likes to be taken on late night walks.

Husband has been an incredible housewife for me.

And in his much needed down time he likes to eat zingers and watch Star Trek. Gotta love them trekkies.

He's also started working on a roofing project for a guy with a super sweet log cabin.

We decided the best way to internalize Jesus was to partake of Jesus Harvest Seeds (some might even call those crazy things Candy Corn - but not us. They're Jesus Harvest Seeds).

We've been going on dates sometimes.

And husband is even nice enough to be seen with me in public when I look like I just worked all day at Hobby Lobby.

We've also discovered that husband can make some interesting, but tasty concoctions out of all the old stuff in our fridge/freezer when we want to get rid of everything before we return to God's Country for a week (and don't mind the VS angel joining us for dinner).

**Not pictured: countless hours of school/homework/work at the Hob Lob/watching episodes of The Office/watching episodes of The Big Bang Theory/hating the tundra that is Utah**

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