Thursday, September 15, 2011

Beautiful Baby and Teeny Shorts

Welp, husband is home and it's glorious. But we'll get to that. First, I have to catch up on the last month or so:

I finished up my summer job with RISE and though it was by and large the most difficult job I've EVER had, I'm so grateful I had the chance to do it. The two boys I ended up working with (Cameron and Bryson) are incredible. I'll love them forever for the things they taught me.

I got to spend a week in Texas in August and I got to have so much fun there that I didn't take one. single. picture. But my brother did while I was visiting his sweet little family!

 It's ok, I know what you're all thinking but too afraid to say. Yes, Orion truly is the most beautiful child ever created. Half Belizean (so he gets the beautiful skin and hair)/half White (so he gets amazing blue eyes). Indeed. He's gorgeous. There were MANY other visits with many other wonderful people, but alas, no pictures.

When I got back from paradise, I got to jump right back into school full time and keep trucking along at Hobby Lobby. So far my classes are great. Very time consuming, but very interesting. I love being fully immersed in my major finally and not having to deal with the trivial classes that are mandatory. And Hobby Lobby is, well, the same. I super love all the people I work with (no joke. really love every one of them), but I wish there were three people with my position instead of just the two of us because some weeks I'm having to work almost full time hours. That's pretty rough when I'm in school full time and already have a 45 minute commute to school one way. But at least I'm making money and I don't dread going to work.

And last but not least: HUSBAND IS HOME! He finished his job in Kansas and safely made it back 2 weeks ago. He jumped right in and found a job with a moving company called Two Men and A Truck so he gets to be people's "boy" all day and exert his manliness. And my gosh, he's such a stud while doing it. He makes good tips for good reason. Who can resist this?

(Please note the tan line just below the knees)

Admit it, he makes that oversized shirt and teeny shorts look GOOD. Mmmm. Husband is such a man. I love having him home. It's so nice to come home to somebody everyday. But not just anybody. Somebody who has the kitchen cleaned and the bed made everyday because he knows that makes me happy and I just don't have time to do it because I'm usually gone around 14 hours a day. And occasionally he reads my mind and has Chinese waiting for me. He's so good.

Well folks, that's our life as of late. And now I'm tired and we have to be up early. (WE have to. Ahhhh, I missed that.) Peace out.

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