Saturday, November 26, 2011

Here, Turkey Turkey!

Apparently I'm really bad at remembering to take pictures, but believe me, Texas was a blast! We were there from Saturday night to Friday morning and managed to pack in a bunch of family and a few friends. I'm so glad we had the chance to go back home for Thanksgiving and I'm super glad that next year we'll be back in Texas for good so we'll get to experience all holidays again in the promised land!

On the way down, my new pair of contacts started irritating my eye so I had to take them out and wear glasses. With my new contact system, however, I wasn't able to just throw my contacts in my bag and go because the case has to be held upright due to a hole in the top which allows air to enter (I learned this the hard way when I had a surprise of acidic liquid all over everything in my bag from my holey contact case). I was ready to just toss those contacts and wear only glasses the whole trip, but Skylar was good to me and carried them just like this the ENTIRE trip (including a layover in Denver). He said he did it because Bella couldn't wear glasses to her premiere (don't worry, we'll get to that).


 Just enjoying a little Breaking Dawn dress up when going to see the movie with my two sisters and Husband. Please note the expression on my oldest sister's face right behind me. That's pretty much how she felt about the whole night. Or so she says...
Also, doesn't Skylar resemble Herman Munster rather than Edward? Either way, he looked SO good - white body paint, glitter hairspray sprayed all over his body, and all.

Heading back to Utah.....but for the last time!

Once we got home, I decided to let go of my pride and put up Christmas decorations (I am NOT a big Christmas fan because people become mean and crazy this time of year). Last year after Christmas I bought a bunch of decorations on sale including an awesome FAKE tree (that's how we roll around these parts). This year, when I pulled it all out and started setting up the tree, the dang thing was HUMONGOUS and would NOT be fitting in our little apartment. So I ran up to walmart and bought a $20 tree that was just the right size for our little place. Dang tree.

Seriously, compare these two beasts. The new one (which isn't tiny - it's 6 ft) is the box on the top. The original one is on the bottom. How did I not realize that thing was HUGE?!

The final product including Sid, the Christmas-Watch-Dino. Is that stupid tree leaning? Dang it.

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  1. Cute!! Glad you humbled yourself and put up the tree! Don't you love it! It is very nice. And maybe you wouldn't hate Utah so much if you got to see my face???? Let's get together lady!