Sunday, May 1, 2011

One Awesome Lady

A wonderful woman moved on from this life today. Nita Marie Buras was awesome and we'll all miss her so much until we meet again.

I first met Nita when I was 12, but didn't really start getting to know her until I was closer to 15. As a woman who had been surrounded by mostly men her whole life, I'm sure getting called to the Young Women's program in our church was probably cool, but overwhelming for her. I got to spend time with her every Sunday and Wednesday for church and youth activities and I remember thinking that she was a really cool lady (especially when I found out that one of her favorite current music groups was Linkin Park).

One Sunday, she was teaching the lesson about Patriarchal Blessings (a special individual blessing that every worthy member of our church can receive if they choose to. It's kind of like God's special instructions for you personally.) and had mentioned that Skylar's blessing was somewhat specific about the girl he would one day marry. After the lesson, I JOKINGLY told Nita, "I didn't know I was in Skylar's Patriarchal Blessing!" He and I were good friends at that point, but hadn't even considered dating yet. Little did I know that comment I made to Nita was true ;) She got the ball rolling for us and she was always our cheerleader for our relationship through the ups and downs. After I went crazy on Skylar for the eleventy billionth time and stopped talking to him while I was on my mission, he told his mom that he was going to try one more time with me. She told him, "GOOD!" I have no idea why, but she was always on our side. I'm so thankful for that.

She was such an incredible mother-in-law. Probably one of the best you could ask for. I know most girls complain about their husband's moms, but I was SO fortunate to have her. I'm just sad I only got her for 9 months. I still had TONS to learn from her (like genealogy - whoa, she was a pro, and how to have beautiful handwriting and make pretty cards, and how to potty train our kids in one day flat). But, as my dad says, "What's left undone must stay that way." I'm sure she'll have plenty of new things to teach me when I get to see her again.

That's just Nita from my own personal experiences with her. I know she was an amazing mother to way more people than just her 5 boys. Every one of her sons (both biological and otherwise) have the utmost respect and appreciation for her. She was an awesome grandma and I know her granddaughters just adored her. She was a great friend to so many and their lives are far better for it. She was a wonderful wife. She and Larry have such a beautiful relationship and I hope to get where they were after 40 years.

I love Nita and I can't wait until we can all hang out as a family again. Until then, we miss her dearly.

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  1. We love you Nita Buras! I remember young women's too. I've always loved her sense of humor when it came to everything! She is going to be missed by so many. She is happy, healthy, and waiting for her family and friends in heaven! Our prayers are with the whole Buras family.