Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Boy Howdy

Life these days...boy howdy has it been interesting.

So Tristan and I flew down to Texas a couple weekends ago and Skylar drove from Kansas for Nita's memorial service. We were asked to wear bright colors because that's what Nita always did for these kinds of things. While it's hard to see people go, it really helps to have a solid eternal perspective to brighten things up. It was actually a really good service, rather uplifting. Though it was a short visit home and I would have rather been there under different circumstances, it was still nice to be back.

School started a few weeks ago, and there's not much to say about that. I'm only taking one class right now during this short spring term.  It's Epidemiology and it's really interesting, but it's starting to get into the more difficult, statistic-ridden aspect of it all.  I just hope I can stay afloat and pull off an A.

I was offered several different jobs, but after juggling everything, weighing my options, even attending some orientations, I've decided to go with 2 jobs (here's hoping I can make those 2 work with each other). First, a couple weeks ago I started at Hobby Lobby as one of the customer service managers. It was really interesting how that came about. I worked at Hobby Lobby about 7 years ago in high school, so I went in one day a couple weeks ago to drop off my application. The store manager happened to be up front filling in for the job they were hiring for. He chatted with me for a few minutes and told me he wanted to hire me for that position right then and there. I guess they were pretty desperate to get it filled! A couple days later I started relearning how to be a cashier on a dinosaur system, then a few days ago they threw me to the wolves and I started my actual position. It's been a good learning experience so far.

I also decided to stick with the RISE job (where I'd be working with disabled kids). I thought for a while that I was going to have to tell them I couldn't accept the job because the job description was actually a little different than I thought, but after talking with them, I'm going to be doing something different for them. I'll be working their summer program, which is basically just a really fun camp I get to play at a few days a week. The only trick now is to get the trainings and orientation with RISE to coordinate with Hobby Lobby.  Then everything should settle into place.  Here's hoping I can make it work!

As for Skylar, he's been gone for the better part of 5 weeks now and it's looking like he'll be gone for several months with very few breaks to come home in there.  Things have gone very differently with his company here than we expected, so he's been offered work in Kansas for the next few months training salesmen and selling out there where there's been severe damage due to storms. It should go well for him.  While it's going to stink to have him gone again for so long, we're definitely very used to being apart (perhaps the training we had of being apart for college and missions actually proved to be useful).  Really, this is a huge blessing that he even has this opportunity.  Here's hoping we can get ourselves pulled out of this mess we're in, and in the fall be able to be back together and move on with life.  Wouldn't that be nice?

This is what life feels like sometimes.  So there's the update on these days.  It's busy.  It's hard.  It's really, super stressful sometimes.  But it can all be good for you if you let it.
Now I just need to let it.

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