Tuesday, April 12, 2011

When Will I Learn?

WARNING: This post contains mushy goodness about this guy:

Read at your own Risk...

When will I finally learn (or rather, BELIEVE) how my husband works? "Give yourself a break," y'all say. "You've only been married 8 months." True, but I've known him for much, MUCH longer. In fact, I've known him for half my life. That's certainly enough time to start to figure someone out. Apparently I'm kind of dense though.

I've been in a bad mood and kind of mean to the husband all day, just due to stress. Not a good reason, I know. So tonight, after I'd already nit-picked him to death about a couple of stupid things, I had one more issue I wanted to dig into. It was actually a very valid point, one that would/will greatly benefit us both, but as soon as I started, it all went downhill. After almost an hour of us arguing and getting annoyed and tears flowing from my stupid, sensitive eyes, he finally started to get me calmed down and back to rational conversation. Basically, my point was very good, but my approach was AWFUL, as always. I tried to handle him the way I want to be handled: I want to be told the problem and given proof from authorities that it should be a certain way. Then have that process repeated over and over until I remember. Doesn't work like that for him. He gently reminded me (AGAIN) that he needs to be shown by example.

Duh, I knew that. Or did I? I've known that about him for a long time, but it seems like I don't really believe it or something. It doesn't work to just tell him something, he needs to see it in action. And really, that's the best way to teach anyone. Be the example. So here he is, teaching me how to teach him by example.

He's so good that it drives me nuts sometimes. Why is he so patient? Why is he so loving? Why is he so quick to forgive and let go? Why does he still even LIKE me after all these years?! How did he become all those things? Sure, he's got some great parents who have certainly contributed to his goodness, but I think he was born with that spirit.

So here's to the good husband. I sure do like him. And I sure am thankful he puts up with me.

P.S. As I was typing this, this song by Carrie Underwood was playing in my head. Maybe I should tell my mom this the way Carrie does to put her at ease. Enjoy.

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