Saturday, April 9, 2011

Mmmm, Life is Good

Life is funny. Sometimes it seems everything is going really well; sometimes it seems everything is spiraling downward. Most of the time, though, it's a mix of the two. Right now it's a mix, but I feel like the "going really well" part is a little heavier lately.

School is school. I'm officially changing my major on Friday from "Physiology and Developmental Biology" (PDBio) to "Public Health." I already feel a huge burden lifted for a couple of reasons. 1) I will no longer be surrounded by nothing but pre-med douche bags. Depending on what you studied in college, you may or may not know the type so let me lay it out for you. This particular type of person is between 23 and 25, has been married for approximately 5.5 months and always has a picture of him and his hot wife on his laptop that he always brings to class with him. This pre-med douche bag always has a bragging contest amongst his other douche bag class mates to see who the biggest douche bag is (contest varies in topics ranging from most amazing wife to best grades to which schools accepted them, but they're probably going to turn it down because they're better than those schools). This douche bag must also always wear proper douche bag attire of a flat brimmed hat cocked just slightly to the side and either a t-shirt or polo that is just too tight to show off his douche bag trimmed body. I am so done with that. They are ridiculous and induce anxiety in all non-douche bags by just being around them. 2) Let's be honest, public health just isn't quite as demanding as PDBio. The material is focused not on health from the molecular level up, but health of the individual up to the community and global levels. It's not all competition like PDBio because very few public health majors (especially not those in the epidemiology emphasis, which is where I'll be) are planning to go to med school. I can't wait. In the meantime, however, I have to hold out another week and a half to be done with this semester. For various reasons, this semester has kicked my butt, so I just have to push through and do well on finals to make it out alive.

In other aspects of life, things are looking up! Skylar has been making great contacts for work, so that should be paying off soon. I just had an awesome job interview up in Midvale for a job that I think I'll love. It's for a position to be a mentor to troubled teens who have been taken out of their homes (whether their actual homes or foster homes) by the state and need to be taught life skills so they can go back into society as a productive adult. I feel really confident about it and should hear back next week. Also, we're moving to Sandy in 2 weeks!!! This is exciting news because neither Skylar nor I have any love for Provo. Everyone lives on top of each other here because there are SO many people, and the majority of people who live here are college idiots who may be book smart, but have no common sense (ya know, even simple pieces of common sense like looking before you attempt to cross the street). I love our new apartment complex. I like the Sandy area. But I won't like having to commute down to Provo as much. All in all though, those are some things to look forward to.

So life is good. And as a reward for those few who actually endured this lengthy post, here's a sweet video for you to enjoy, compliments of my sister.

Happy weekend!


  1. Bless his heart....Sandy will be fun! There's definitely more room there! You should see if the offer classes at the BYU Salt Lake Center. And PS-you've lived here forever now and I have yet to see your face...we should fix this. Yes?

  2. Oh. My. Gosh. For real. Just because it was y'alls first anniversary when we had our mission reunion does NOT give you the excuse to skip! I was heartbroken when y'all weren't there! So yes, we must fix this problem. I'll message you on FB about it. Love you!