Thursday, March 17, 2011

This is What I Do When I'm Avoiding Sleep

So living with 2 adult men gets the house dirty pretty darn quick.  Unfortunately I can't blame it all on them because Skylar and Tristan were gone half of last week working the Home and Garden Show in Sandy.  Nevertheless, our house was really dirty and needed a cleaning so I figured tonight was a good night to tackle it.

The boys headed up north early this afternoon for some appointments and are staying the night up there for more appointments tomorrow.  I took a nap this afternoon after they left (yes, you can be jealous) and while I was asleep I dreamed that I asked Skylar and Tristan to search the house before they left to make sure there weren't any creepers hiding out waiting to kidnap me.  THEN, when I woke up I went into the living room and the front door (that is pretty hard to open) was sitting 6 inches open!  Odd much?  I think so.  Well, that got me a little creeped out so I checked the house (like a good paranoid person does) and it was all clear.  But then when I laughingly told Skylar about it tonight on the phone, he told me to get his roofing hatchet and keep it by the bed.  Ha ha needless to say, I didn't feel like going to bed any time soon.  So I decided to clean!


Poor Sir Francis Drake.  His home is so gross.

Beware: we're now entering the man section of the house.  Pretty much the only time I'm ever in these parts is when I'm going to and from the back door.  I changed my mind about trying to tackle this!

My cleaning attire.  I know, I know, all black?  I'm SO chic.


Aaaahhhh, much better.

Oh the joys of not having a dishwasher.  Don't worry, there were more dishes, but I had already put them up.


P.S. Can you tell I'm out of things to blog about?  My life is so exciting.


  1. You're organized dog is very proud of you as well.... You tapped into me!

  2. Have you ever priced the services of a maid? I don't know about Utah, but here in Texas, they come pretty cheap. And worth every penny, in my book. If I had it to do all over again, I'd hire a maid a LOT sooner in my life.