Sunday, August 7, 2011

Happy Anniversary to Us!

Since Skylar and I hadn't been together since mid April essentially (with the exception of a few days during May), we decided it would be fun for me to fly out to Kansas for our anniversary and hit up the church stuff in Missouri and Nauvoo. So that's what we did. It was tons of fun and VERY needed.

I got in Friday the 29th and we just spent time lazy-ing around in Independence, MO. Saturday, we got up (kinda) early and started the 5 hour drive to Nauvoo. We made a slight detour to see Adam-ondi-Ahman (which was beautiful)! Once we got to Nauvoo, we found our motel and relaxed for a bit (there was a lot of "relaxing" during this trip), then headed into town to the temple and to see what Nauvoo was all about. The next day we headed back to MO and stayed in Liberty that night. The last morning I was there, we saw Liberty Jail, then headed to the airport. It was a short, but very sweet trip.

We definitely enjoyed our first night together, but Missouri, as it turns out, is NOT my favorite state! It's a little bit white-trash (at least the parts we were in).


Ha ha, what a terrifying mascot for this small town we drove through!

Love Nauvoo! Especially the temple!

This gross Chinese Buffet was seriously the ONLY "sit down" place within 50 miles. We should have been tipped off to its nastiness when the host said to us as we walked in, "If you want fresh food, just let me know. We have cooks who can make new food for you." Yikes.

We passed nothing but cornfields on the way back. That was fun!

Whew! We made it through the first year!

We definitely chose the best time of year to get married. Shark week always coincides with our anniversary!

Liberty Jail was cool. Kind of sad, but also inspiring.

The airport came too quickly. But it was a great trip! Much needed and much appreciated!

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