Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Top 10 Tuesday

Sometimes when I talk to people about marriage, the topic of the first year of marriage being so hard/so great comes up. I typically mention the fact that the first year of our marriage was very different than a lot of other people's because we faced some intense challenges that most don't face for a while.

Sometimes I get stressed about work because out of the 3 people who have my position, I get the worst schedule most weeks.

Sometimes I get frustrated because I'm a little overweight due to the fact that I have way too much good food at my fingertips and I don't go to the really great gym I have a membership at as often as I should.

Then every once in a while I take a step back and laugh at myself because my life is so easy, but I usually find stuff to complain about.

This is a post about first world problems. (Click the link. You won't regret it.) In light of my most recent "I've-taken-a-step-back-and-counted-my-blessings" experience, here's a Top 10 List of my very "difficult" first world problems:

1. I ate too much at lunch so I wasn't hungry again until almost 10 pm. I hate eating right before bed.
2. My water heater only provides enough water for me to shower and shave one of my legs. It gets slightly cold while I'm shaving the other leg.
3. I'm up too late doing homework for my classes at the really good university I go to for free. Now tomorrow's gonna be SOOO long.
4. My brita water filter pitcher only holds enough water for 3 glasses before it has to be filled up again.
5. My garbage disposal only works half the time.
6. My car used to get 35 miles to the gallon but has only been getting 29 lately.
7. One of my socks has a giant hole in the heel so my foot keeps getting stuck when I put on/take off my tennis shoes.
8. I have a good job with a good boss and good coworkers, but I've had to work every Saturday for the last 2 months.
9. We have to take time to make meals at home because it's too expensive to eat out all the time.
10. I have to scrub my dishes nearly completely clean before I put them in the dishwasher because it doesn't work very well.

Hard life, right? What's your top 10?

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