Thursday, March 3, 2011

Dear Tony, You Rock

So I was certain that the shin splints would be no big deal and would quickly recover as I continued to run.  I was wrong.  They only got worse and worse.  2 nights ago I finished my run and did really well, but as soon as I stopped my lower legs started throbbing and my legs kept trying to buckle under me.  I came inside and iced right away, but the pain persisted.  I started to realize that maybe I needed to back off the running for a bit, even though I really didn't want to.  I'm afraid that the progress I've made (though not monumental to most, is a pretty big deal for me) will be lost if I even miss a day that I shouldn't.  But I started researching and all the websites I found said to change your exercising to something of different/lower impact.

So last night I returned to my faithful friend, Tony.  This genius created P90X and boy howdy, is it good.  I did it off and on for a while last summer.  I'm only going to be doing the cardio portion of it for the next week or so until my legs heal, but surprisingly it's lower impact so it should work.  After my workout last night, my legs didn't hurt at all (which was a great sign!), but I felt like I had worked harder than I do during my runs (also a good thing)!  So here's to you Tony.  You Rock.


  1. I am getting P90X from a friend after the baby is born and I am excited to start it!

  2. Are you just borrowing it or are they giving it to you? Cuz I can make copies of our DVDs if you want your own.